Andy Cohen turns 40!

Today I am 40. I went for a run, had a good think about it and I have decided that it is a great beautiful thing to be 40.

Of course, I have no real say in the matter so this is my only option. I am sure you are not really wondering what it is that I want for my day.

WELL, I would like Obama for Prez, Madonna forevah, and all good things for all good people. That's about it. I want to wish happy birthday to my namesake Andrew 'Solly' Walsh, James Segelstein, and my buddy Michael Consuelos. And a super-happy shout out to Nick Brown who is a bear cub I know that is turning 40 today, too!

And Andy's Blog reader Trinidad Quintero, Jr. emailed last week to say that today he is 40 as well. And also Happy Birthday to Carolyn Hommel in Bravo Scheduling! June 2, 1968 was a good day!

BIRTHDAY CAB REPORT: I couldn't tell you the name of the driver of cab 8P97, because his tag was obscured by crud, but he LOVES REO Speedwagon. He blasted a Speedwagon CD all the way from the village to Rock Center! Cab 8P97 Takes It On the Run!

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