15 Years Ago

15 Years Ago

Andy Cohen remembers the Oklahoma City Bombings.

Today is the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. I can't believe its been 15 years. I was in Chicago that day at Harpo studios shmoozing Oprah's publicist and watching her show when I was beeped (it was the era of the beeper) by CBS News telling me to get on a plane for OKC. I was furious to be pulled from Oprah's womb and called to make sure that this was a "real" story they were sending me to. (I was more ballsy and irritating than even now). Bill Owens, now at 60 Minutes, told me it was a HUGE story and to get on the plane.

I wound up staying up for two days shooting and writing and editing. When I left for the airport to go home, I started uncontrollably sobbing. I guess I'd internalized the actual story I was covering, and all I'd seen, until the moment I was done with my work. I'd imagine that happens a lot when you're working (medic, military, journalist, cop) amidst devastation, but it was the first time it happened to me.

I was so happy NOT to cover 9/11 as a journalist, because I got to experience it as a New Yorker, and feel it. (That was not fun, buit I didn't want to not FEEL this horrible thing that engulfed my neighbors and country. If I'd been at CBS News it would've been too big for me to feel. Do you get me?

For some reason, my blog on Friday didn't post (hope that didn't ruin anyone's weekend) so let me backtrack a bit.... I have to say, that "good for the Jews/bad for the Jews" game we played Thursday night was quite hilarious. Gloria's reactions killed me.

I need to go on record that I feel horribly that Jill did not get an opportunity to plug her book the other night. I didn't even know she HAD a book! I wouldve made sure it got MENTIONED! I am kidding, of course. I have never heard more shilling of a product in my life. I wonder: does that make you want to buy the book, or burn the book?

After the shill — I mean SHOW — I went for some drinks with Eli at the Boom Boom Room and Mr. Lionel Ritchie was at the banquette across from us. It was very "Say You, Say Me." I really do brake for Lionel. Last night I finally saw last week's Glee, and it was a very special Lionel-sode. Everything's coming up Ritchie, and it's about time that Daddy rightfully reclaimed his superstardom away from his daughter.

Friday morning I was on a train sitting close to a lady with a full mustache. Are we allowed to glance at the 'stache occasionally, or do we have to never look at this lady? I am sure the answer to this is in Jill's book but I didn't have it with me. 

Here's our Web aftershow we taped with Jill and Gloria, featuring more "Good for the Jews/Bad for the Jews."

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