10 Questions With.. Amy Sedaris!

10 Questions With.. Amy Sedaris!

Andy Cohen chats with Amy Sedaris

Who better to start the weekend with than my favorite funnylady/chef/"Strangers with Candy" star/ frequent Letterman guest/crafty beaver/and West Village resident AMY SEDARIS!!

You have a new book coming out in October about entertaining. What is the secret to being a good host?
AMY: Plenty of weed! (laughs) Paying attention to your guests and being completely present for them. Never turn the music down or off. Don't let people overstay their visit. Have some on-spot souveniers (like poloroid photos) so you can make some money while you're at it.

Letterman loves having you on his show and your appearances are always hilarious. What do you like about being on Letterman?
AMY: That it feels like I am in my living room. I feel really comfortable and safe with him. He's gonna catch you when you fall. And he's funny and you can trust him.

You often turn the tables on Letterman and start interviewing him. What's one thing about Letterman that you want to know, but don't?
AMY: I want to know more about his personal life. I wonder what he does at home, what does he read, who he is off-camera. I don't mean to turn the tables on him on the show but I am very curious about him. I've always wanted to ask him if he'll throw the pencil so I can hear the glass shatter.

You are a member of several clubs. Do you have any tips on starting a club? Or how to make a club successful?
AMY: Just know that if you're the one starting the club that you need to set rules and boundries, get members who are available to show up for meetings (kick the ones out who keep missing meetings), work out some sort of system of dues, make sure you have roles in the club and just totally commit to the club. Clubs are great - I've been in them my whole life. My first club was the funny face club. We made funny faces and I would go to the airport and sing country songs to passengers getting off planes.

Do you have any cd or movie recommendations?
AMY: I like that cd "Good for What Ails You" - songs from old medicine shows/snake oil salesmen that used to travel around. I haven't been to a movie in forever so I'll recommend the old Natalie Wood/Robert Redford movie "The Property is Condemned".

Everyone wants to know when the "Strangers with Candy" movie will be out -- what do I tell them?
AMY: Yeah including myself! Last I heard it'll be out in July.

Everyone wants to know about your cheeseballs!?
AMY: You can buy my 'lil smokey cheeseballs cheeseballs at Gourmet Garage in New York City and you can buy my new "mouthwatering bite size blue ball cheeseballs" when my book comes out in October. People go nuts about 'em!

You also sell cupcakes around New York City. What's the secret to a good cupcake?
AMY: Well if you double the vanilla, that's always great. But there actually is no secret to making a cupcake - they're always good... I think the only secret is trying to keep the price down. I don't think a cupcake should cost more than a dollar. If I'm paying $3.50 for a cupcake it better be amazing.

Your outgoing answering machine message changes regularly and is always a gas. Which message is your favorite?
AMY: I think it's "Leave a message and I'll never call you back" - because it's the truth. That's what's on there now.

Last Question is a multi-part word association. I give you a word and you say the first thing that comes to your mind! GO!






"Dancing with the Stars":
girl scouts laying in the driveway


Mrs. Steigerwalt (a neighbor growing up.)

Amy that about wraps it up, anything else you want to say?
Who is this and why did you call? Don't ever call me at this number again!

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