Thursday Hijinx

Thursday Hijinx

Andy gets random.

Tonight is going to be hilarious, trust me.

The Atlanta women participate in NeNe's "alter ego" photo shoot, which I'd initially thought was going to be super-lame and weird. It turns out that it is weirdly satisfying and ridiculously entertaining. After the ATL, stick around for Watch What Happens Live where I will be breaking it all down with that wig-wearing talk show queen Wendy Williams and "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger. If you have questions for my guests, please click on the Facebook or Twitter links at the bottom of this blog and post them. (and you can always contact
us during/before the show the same way.)

In other random thoughts:

** Did you get teary from last night's salute to the military on Top Chef, or was I just having a private, sad moment?

** Am I the only person who kinda thought Charlie Gibson retired three years ago?

** I bought a thermometer yesterday and can't stop monitoring my temp. If I get swine flu I want to be ON IT. We're all gonna get it, right?

** You know what is adorable? Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere." You know what's even more adorable? The Lady Bunny's cover of Cash's hit.

** Do you know how RHATL Kim spells her name? "Kimberleigh." Discuss.

** It is fall. :-/

** I PROMISE that after Labor Day this blog will return to its usual lame blog, replacing the ULTRA-lame blog that I've been barely churning out for the last few months.

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