Travel Like Andy Cohen! 5 Epic Travel Destinations He's Obsessed With Right Now

Travel Like Andy Cohen! 5 Epic Travel Destinations He's Obsessed With Right Now

From urban capitals to remote paradises.

This week, Andy Cohen is guest editing Bravo’s travel destination, Jet Set. Keep an eye out for fun and inspiring travel content from the globe-trotting Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen host, and like Jet Set on Facebook so you never miss an update!

If you're looking for travel ideas, I hope you'll consider some of my absolute favorite places in the world! From a domestic wonderland, to a famous European capital, to a remote place you'll want to visit after befriending someone with a private plane — check out these amazing destinations I just love.

1. Aspen, Colorado

It’s great in the summer or winter — especially the summer. Aspen's just incredible in every way: the air, the sights, the nature. It has shopping, marijuana’s legal — it has everything!

2. Trancoso, Brazil

This incredible, undiscovered beach town in Bahia is really chic and hidden and gorgeous and perfect.

3. Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Here you'll find the most unspoiled islands and water, and the best snorkeling in the world. It's just impossible to get to, though. You'll want to find a friend with a private plane.

4. Paris

I always love Paris — it's just perfect in every way, no matter where you stay or what you do. The people, the food, the art, the shopping, the architecture.

5. St. Barts

So chic. You can rent a car, and it’s one of these places where it doesn't matter where you stay. There aren’t any private beaches, so everything is public. The food is incredible, the beaches are great, there’s good shopping, and it’s a lot of fun!

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