Tiny Tim the Miniature Donkey Is the Best Thing on the Internet RN

Tiny Tim the Miniature Donkey Is the Best Thing on the Internet RN

He looks like a donkey, but acts like a dog.

By Brienne Walsh

Thanks to Lisa Vanderpump, and her stable at Villa Rosa, everybody who is anybody wants a miniature horse. What’s better than a miniature horse? Ok, fine, nothing, but do you know what’s equal? Tiny Tim, the miniature donkey who lives on a farm in Ontario, Canada.

Tiny Tim was so teensy when he was born last June — he weighed only ten pounds, and resembled a cat — that his birth mother violently rejected him. Fortunately, Jody and Ted Topping, his human parents, were nearby, and rescued him. They took him into their house, where they fed him from a syringe every 20 minutes. Every night, they carried him up the stairs to their bedroom, where he slept in a playpen near their bed. Eventually, he learned to sleep through the night, just like a human baby.

When he reached 50 pounds, he became too heavy to carry. So he moved into the mudroom, where his two canine siblings taught him how to act like the dog he is not. Currently 70 pounds and 23 inches from shoulder to foot, Tim acts just like a puppy. He is housetrained; he licks the Toppings’ plates before they put them in the dishwasher; he sleeps on a dog bed; he walks on a leash; and when he’s bored, he rips apart pillows.

Recently, the Toppings made Tiny Tim a Facebook page, and were shocked when it received over 5 million views in the first week. I mean, what did they expect? Tiny Tim is better than Christmas!

For some of our favorite photographs and videos of Tiny Tim, see below.


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