Forget Cat Burglars, Meet This Dog Thief!

Forget Cat Burglars, Meet This Dog Thief!

We mean he’s a cute dog that steals things — don’t worry, no one is stealing dogs. We repeat ALL DOGS ARE SAFE.

By Stacy Lenz

Dogs are man’s best friend — lovable, sweet, dependable, loyal, trustworthy … OR ARE THEY? Are they really sidling up to you for an ear scratch or are they just trying to lull you into a false sense of security? Are they showering you unconditional love or just, like, using you for all your stuff?

Well, if you asked us any other day we would have listed all of the former but after seeing a series of tweets our suspicions are raised thanks to social media manager Francesca Emmingham. Starting by asking the simple question of “Who wants to see a thread of my dog stealing objects from around the house?” she completely rocked our entire worldview. Her threaded tweets unfolded to tell the criminal tale of her dachshund Flynn, first class thief. The sweet pup is shown guiltily mouthing a variety of stolen goods; we can only assume that he used his black coat to covertly sneak through the shadows with his loot.

Please study the below thread carefully and look for warning signs that your favorite furball is still the pet you trust and not a master criminal ready to rob you blind the second you turn your back. (Although, it’d almost be okay if they did because dog kleptomaniacs are pretty adorable.)

Credit: Twitter/@francescaemming

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