Play Ball With Your Dog From Anywhere in the World?!

Play Ball With Your Dog From Anywhere in the World?!

Which of these high-tech pet gadgets debuting at CES make your wish list?

By Heather Dale

The weirdest, wackiest and most innovative products are currently making their debut at The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas right now, and we are like kids in a candy store salivating over the shiny new tech toys comin’ in hot to the pet product space. Here are just a handful of the latest and greatest inventions that we can’t wait to get our hands — and our dogs' and cats' paws on — this year.


Leaving our pets for any period of time can be difficult. Thoughts upon exiting the house often include… “Will she cry when I leave? Will she tear the throw pillows apart? Hopefully the sweet potato I added to her breakfast doesn’t trigger any bathroom emergencies?!” I bring you the Petcube. A user-friendly camera that allows you to check in on your pet, chat with them in real time and and also give them some play time with the built-in laser toy which you control using your finger on your screen. Although Petcube isn’t a brand new device to hit the market, the company just announced at CES that they are going to be offering a firmware upgrade this Spring which will allow pets to be able to call their owners — yes, you read that correctly — and send them pet selfie videos as well. So basically if you’ve got a bright pup or cat, they’ll be able to initiate a livestream chat whenever they are captured in front of the wide angle camera. Maybe one of those see it to believe it kind of gadgets? I suggest getting out the training treats now.


Wagz is launching its Connected Home for Dogs Pet Line at CES this week. Somewhat similar to the Samsung Connect Tag, the pet line is going to offer high tech devices that will help you track your pet’s activity, deliver them their food at the right time as well as open and close doggy doors for potty breaks. Wagz’s CEO, Terry Anderton says that “today’s busy dog owner wants smarter ways to help them eliminate stress while delivering better care.” Umm, yeah, but will they still need us?! Cue eyes welling up with tears. 


Pet health technology company Petrics is going all out by launching lots of goodies at CES this week. Such goodies include a Smart Pet Bed that will do all sorts of things like monitor your pet’s weight, how much they sleep, exercise, and will even allow you to adjust the bed to make it warmer or cooler … sounds a lot like something I need right now. Meanwhile, the Petrics Activity Tracker acts kind of like the human version of a Fitbit, keeping track of your pet’s activity levels and syncing with with your phone. And last but not least, the handy dandy Petrics Health and Nutrition App will keep all of your pet’s health data in one secure, easy to access spot, so you’ll never forget another vet appointment again! 


I think it’s safe to say the high-tech kitty litter craze is here to stay?! I bring you the Litter-Robot, an automatic self-cleaning litterbox for your favorite feline featuring a “patented sifting system” that separates waste from clean litter. And what’s a fancy cat toilet without Wi-Fi? You betcha you can get cleanup alert notifications when it’s time to empty the waste tray. This is the future people, and our cats are living in it! 


I’m all for swanky, fully functioning pet doors, and PetWALK is really making their mark with their stylish high-end doors. Aside from the bevy of unique designs to choose from, you’ll be able to control the door via a remote, your phone, smart home devices or your web browser. I like the fact that it will open and close the door at the touch of a button, but can it get my dog to come back inside so I can close the door again? That is the million dollar question right there, folks. 


Aaaand, I saved the best for last. Where was this toy BEFORE Christmas when I needed it?! After kicking butt on Kickstarter, Pebby is now hitting the masses at CES. This Pebby ball is like no other ball your pet has come in contact with. This super sophisticated ball works with a smart collar to deliver your cat or dog endless hours of play time via the autoplay function or manually by using your cell phone. You can also change the LED colors, the speed of the ball, all the while watching your pet have hours of fun with the built-in wide-angle video camera. These balls don’t come cheap! Pebby’s will start shipping the end of March for around $249.

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