Best Reunion Ever?

Best Reunion Ever?

Were you not entertained?

Hellooo, my little Peaches and Herbs. (Reunited and it feels so…) Well, some of you may be happy to hear this is my last recap for this season. I'm sad, though. I always get a little depressed when another season of Top Chef comes to an end. Thnakfully, we all have Around the World in 80 Plates to look forward to in May. Check out our first look we released today if you haven't yet:

A New Culinary Adventure

I'm fortunate enough that we usually tend to film Top Chef reunions in New York, so I'm able to attend. I was able to stay for about half this one before getting back to the office, so watching it was new for me as well! I did, however, witness Sarah's mini-breakdown and the discomfort between Malibu and Grayson when we asked about a possible relationship. I also had the pleasure to sit with our fabulous producers and see how all this magic happens. Here are some pics I took behind he scenes.

Here's Andy Cohen in the makeup chair before the taping:


Here's Hugh getting mike'd up by one of our stellar sound guys:



And here's video village:


Obviously our Top Chef reunions are very different than our Real Housewives ones, and maybe seem less, er, dramatic in comparison, but I genuinely thought this one was maybe our most entertaining Top Chef one yet! Besides some tears she, there were a lot of laughs. We also were able to get some great exclusives for the site, though, and I want to share those with you now:

Here are the chefs playing "Would You Rather?"

Heather Would Kiss Bev?

And judges' bloopers!

The Judges Let Loose
The one where the judges reveal their porn names...

Judges' Porn Names

And the one where I made Padma laugh!

On Set at the Reunion

So, tell me: what was your favorite part of the reunion? Of the season?

As always, it was a pleasure to recap for all of you, and read your comments. Thanks for another great season! "See" ya soon!

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