Hung is Hot

Hung is Hot

That ... and four other observations from this week's Reunion Dinner special.

Hi my little sardines! I'm going to keep this brief because, well, this episode was pretty straightforward, but wanted to count down my top five observations from the Reunion Dinner special because I want to see if you agree! These are in no particular order, and should be read with a grain of salt as I have very, er, interesting, taste in men.

1. Was Hung looking ... hot? He's always been my favorite from Season 3, and he's always been cute, but I was seriously considering making him my computer desktop yesterday. That's when you know it's bad (and that I'm a 14-year-old girl.) I'm eating at Hung's newest venture, Ajna Bar (formerly Buddha Bar) next week with my lovely Assitant Editors, so I'll report back then! (Hopefully Hung doesn't read this blog and I won't have to hang my head in shame.)

2. "Lesbian opportunivore" better not catch on. I've never heard this term before, and hopefully won't again. Stefan's fascination with ladies who like ladies is odd, but I would kind of kill to see him and Lisa share a night out on the town. When he said, "Watch out, Lisa" I almost lost it.

3. I forgot how amusing Season 5's Leah and Jamie were drunk. It's not like we haven't seen this footage of the two Season 5 chefs drunk at Judges' Table before, but it really is just so priceless. Even Tom laughs!

4. That very candid moment with Fabio made me super-uncomfortable. And although most of you will think Marcel was a giant ass during this taping, he's always been one of my faves, and I felt really bad for him. The head-shaving incident was obviously very difficult for him, and he just looked so broken having to talk about it again. On the other hand, he and Ilan are now a fun dynamic duo! Did you catch their fist pound, complete with explosion?!

5. Um, a GLAD bag bed?! When can we start buying those?! All you have to do to "change the sheets" is unwrap it!!! And how did Harold know about it? I didn't even know about that. I know Harold's been blogging about Top Chef pretty much every season since his own, but I really never realized how much he remembers about the show. His Top Chef knowledge is pretty vast at this point.

What did you guys notice that caught your eye? I want to hear all about it! Oh, and check out this little photo gallery we put together tracking some of your favorite Top Cheftestants HERE.

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