Harold Answers Your Questions

Harold Answers Your Questions

You asked. Top Chef Harold Dieterle answers.


In light of this week's encore presentation of the Thanksgiving episode, we culled the comment board for Harold's blog and found a few questions. He answers them for you here:

As a New Yorker, I've been waiting, waiting, WAITING to hear news about your new restaurant -- Where? When? I'll be there. And will any of your Top Chef buddies be there to work with you? Roger

First of all, Roger, thanks for all of your support. Hopefully we're securing the lease by the new year and opening by mid-March. That's what we're shooting for. As for location, we'll just say "West Village location." There have been some other questions about whether or not any of the contestants from Season 1 will be helping out in the kitchen. Everybody's too high profile for little old me. I can't afford anybody. But you know, a friend in need -- I'm sure they'll come bail me out.

Why do you have that scar in your head? Actually, it's like a little nick. Did Tiffany wack you in the head with a frying pan? Are you okay? John Sanchez

It's on the back of my head. It's an old teen Halloween incident where during my delinquent days. I was being chased and I ran into a telephone pole, there were stitches.

Hey Harold! First, congratulations on your win. Do you still talk to Dave and Miguel? Gina

Yes. I still talk to most of the Season 1 contestants. With the exception of the few.

Way to be an awesome Guest Judge! And Congrats on winning 1st Season! Who are your top three favorite Chefs for this season? Chelsie

There's a bunch I actually like. I have a top six. All for different reasons. I really like Mike, becuase he totally -- I see a lot of Miguel in him. I just want to help him. I gotta soft spot for the underdog. And the way things are transpiring. There are a lot of comments that he's out of his league. But he's the guy I'm pulling for. I like Cliff's sensibility in food. I think he approaches a lot of challenges prety intelligently. I really like Sam. Sam and Marcel. As far as creativity, those guys definitely bring the wow factor. And Ilan. His dishes just look freakin' delicious. It's very clear he has a great grasp on spanish cooking. And I can't wait for him to break away and show a little bit more range.

Where is the host from last year? She was really good. And you, Harold, are just adorable! But where is last year's host? Mary Brown

I talk to Katie Lee every once in awhile. I'm not really sure what she's doing. But I'm a very big Katie Lee Joel fan.

Are you dating anyone? Many Many Readers

That's nice, but I'm locked up right now. I have a serious girlfriend. I'll be back next week with another blog. In the meantime, thanks for all the support everyone. I appreciate you reading the blog.

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