These Are the 5 Most Expensive Cities in the World to Grab a Drink (Ouch)

These Are the 5 Most Expensive Cities in the World to Grab a Drink (Ouch)

Can you guess where a single cocktail will set you back $18?

By Bryce Gruber

It should come as no surprise that grabbing a drink in a major cosmopolitan city comes at a steep price these days — especially in the era of artisanal ice cubes. But not all cities are created equal in that regard, of course. Here's where it will cost you the most to go for drinks, according to The Mirror UK. (And if you expected New York City to nab the top spot — guess again!)

1. Paris

What's a romantic night in Paris without a round of cocktails? Apparently the average drink cost in one of the world's most popular destinations comes in at just over $18. Maybe that's one reason the French sip wine instead of guzzling it.

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2. Dubai

A drink in Dubai will set you back about $17, which isn't all that surprising, given that alcohol isn't encouraged, but permitted for those 21 and up in many areas. Drinking in Dubai is only for expats and non-Muslims, so you'll be hard-pressed to find great cocktails and cold beers outside touristy areas, which may be a factor in the high cost.

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3. New York City

Americans are never surprised to hear that just about everything costs more in New York, and drinks are no exception. The average drink in America's biggest city averages about $16, but you'll have a tough time finding one that cheap at the city's trendiest eateries, bars, and lounges. Expect to pay more — a lot more — for artisan cocktails that are labor intensive.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong falls just slightly behind New York, with bar drinks averaging about $15.32 apiece — but that's a small price to pay for incredible views, technologically advanced bar service, and exotic ingredients, right?

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5. Singapore

Going for drinks in Singapore will set you back a slightly more modest $14 and change, but they're still expensive thanks to extreme local taxation on alcohol. Drinking is also banned in public spaces from 10:30 p.m. until after sunrise.

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