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600 Sq Ft Tiny Victorian

S3/EP18 |
Aired: September 17, 2019
Danny and Lonie are successful business owners looking to go tiny not just for the financial freedom, but mainly to focus more on each other instead of being bogged down with the upkeep of their old Victorian house. 01:04:58

240 Sq Ft Country Meets City House

S3/EP17 |
Aired: September 10, 2019
Chaz is country boy and Crystal a city gal. It becomes even more evident when they ask John and Zack to build them a tiny house that has both a rustic country feel with some modern accents and amenities. 43:24

400 Sq Ft Ohana House

S3/EP16 |
Aired: September 5, 2019
Clayton and Carol are looking to build a unique tiny house that their family can grow into over the years. They've ask Zack and John to help build them two tiny house trailers that will connect them back to their Hawaiian roots. 01:04:58

220 Ft Romantic Abode

S1/EP15 |
Aired: August 27, 2019
Nick and Vickie have been together since middle school. Now these two love birds want to build a tiny home that allows them enough space for their healthy diet and lifestyle and for studying. 43:24

280 Sq Ft Survival House

S3/EP14 |
Aired: August 21, 2019
Jared and Vanessa share a mutual love of food and the outdoors. While Vanessa cooks up fresh meals with her prized gadgets, Jared has accumulated a ton of survival gear through his work with the military. 43:24