How Meghan King Edmonds' Husband Rescued Her From a Nightmare Travel Day

How Meghan King Edmonds' Husband Rescued Her From a Nightmare Travel Day

All's well that ends in first class.

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Meghan King Edmonds Isn’t Afraid of Flying With Baby

Even being a celebrity doesn't save a person from having truly hellish travel experiences like mere mortals. Consider what happened to The Real Housewives of Orange County's Meghan King Edmonds this week.

The new mama took to her social media to share her less-than-ideal journey with American Airlines, and how her "huz" had to come in and save her. 

Through Instagram Stories, Meghan started off casually chatting to her followers about her travel outfit — and foreshadowing the fact that her American Airlines flight was already late. She said, "PS stop delaying my flight, AA! 2 hrs late." At this point, she was still pretty casual about it all. 

But she quickly followed up explaining that her two-hour delay turned into a six-hour delay... which turned into staying overnight at the airport.

She explained that the flight was eventually cancelled, and she was moved instead to another flight later. But when she eventually boarded that one, it too was cancelled and everyone had to de-plane!

Rather than wait for another American Airlines flight, she just called off the whole thing and thanked her "huz," Jim Edmonds, for booking her a first-class flight on Delta. She pointed out to her followers that she was wearing the same clothes for two days as part of the whole stressful and exhausting ordeal.

At least a bit of first-class coziness is a decent way to wrap up a crazy, uncomfortable travel experience...

...and finally get some rest!

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