This Is What It's Like to Freeze Your Eggs, According to Tinsley Mortimer

This Is What It's Like to Freeze Your Eggs, According to Tinsley Mortimer

"They’re on ice and waiting," the RHONY socialite said about how she's prepped for her future.

By Jocelyn Vena

Tinsley Mortimer has never been shy to wear her heart on her designer sleeve or be completely open with The Real Housewives of New York City viewers about her personal ups and downs. So, it probably shouldn't come as a shock that she shared this season on RHONY that she's prepared for the future by freezing her eggs.

And when Personal Space caught up with the socialite earlier this season, she broke down how she ended up doing it and who planted the idea in her head to begin with.

"Honestly, to be honest I am 42, and when I froze my eggs was before I turned 40, and you kinda start to live in this fantasy world and you start to forget and you feel younger and don’t really realize that these kinds of things are important -- or if they are going to be important to you!" she said. "Maybe they aren’t right now, but maybe later on in life. And it was actually my mom who was the strong advocate for getting me to freeze my eggs before I turned 40 because well, you know, the youngest eggs possible would be great for you."

But, Tinsley notes that she didn't rush to the doctor's office to begin the procedure. "I kinda was fighting it for a little bit," she said. "But then I did it and honestly [it was] super easy, no reason not to do it."

While the procedure has bought Tinsley some time, she admits, "It’s not a guarantee, but it at least helps a little bit and relieves some pressure off of me too [and] off of any relationship that I’m in too, just because knowing that there’s that possibility and they’re shelved. They’re on ice and waiting."

As for the process itself, Tinsley revealed exactly what that experience was like for her.

"It’s really just not that difficult," she said. "You put a needle in your stomach for like a month and you know I didn’t feel hormonal. I didn’t have mood swings. I don’t know I think some of the things some people have or did experience. I was thinking maybe I just needed those hormones. Maybe, in life, I am normally mood swing-y, so maybe I just needed those. But, it was great for me and it was a great experience."

So, bottom line: Mom always knows best. "Thank you, mom," Tinsley said. "I mean I never wanted to but that woman rides me hard and it was a good idea. Thank you, mom."

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