Momma Dee Simmons Explains Her Relationship with D'Andra Simmons: "I'm Really Her Best Cheerleader"

Momma Dee Simmons Explains Her Relationship with D'Andra Simmons: "I'm Really Her Best Cheerleader"

The Real Housewives of Dallas grande dame offered an update on the ups and downs with her daughter.

By Tamara Palmer
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D'Andra Simmons' Mom Reveals What's Really Going on in Their Relationship

D'Andra Simmons doesn't exactly always see eye-to-eye with her mother Dee Simmons (aka Momma Dee), to put it mildly, and it's a dynamic that has been seen frequently on The Real Housewives of Dallas. Momma Dee even "read" D'Andra from her hospital bed before a recent procedure, her daughter lovingly reported on social media.

"D’Andra’s and my relationship is hot and cold," Momma Dee told Personal Space. "One day I’m her best friend, the next day she can’t stand me. One day I’m really smart, one day I’m the dumbest mother there ever was. We really do run hot and cold and it used to bother her father because he said, 'My biggest worry is that you and D’Andra some day just going to blow up.' I think it’s because, and he said this over and over, the reason for this is we are so much alike. We are both strong women, we’ve got strong wills."

Those strong wills lead to a fair share of arguments, she admitted. "We argue. Do we argue? Oh, we argue all the time. Continually, and I feel like at some times in D’Andra's life she’s almost felt like I’ve tried to be in competition with her, but I’m really her best cheerleader."

Even cheerleaders have a little sass in them at the surface, as does Momma Dee when she's asked about her daughter's best qualities. 

"D’Andra is much, much smarter than I am," she said. "I learned so much from my daughter. D’Andra is actually one of the smartest women I’ve ever known; that's a true story. I think I have more common sense in many areas, but as far as brains, she is really, really smart. She’s got a heart bigger than Texas. She’s kind, she’s sweet, but she can be a little brat, too; let me just say that."

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