The Real Housewives of Dallas' Cary Deuber’s Essential Tips For Traveling With Children

The Real Housewives of Dallas' Cary Deuber’s Essential Tips For Traveling With Children

Just don't forget the kiddos!

Traveling on a Budget

Traveling with a kiddo can be a challenging process. I always enjoy having my little one with me, but the preparation can be overwhelming! What do I bring? What gear do I need? How do I make sure I’m not the one on the plane everyone is staring at and thinking, “Why can’t you shut your kid up?" (And yes, that's happened.) Here's how:

The Prep

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks! Try to provide snacks that are low in sugar but still appealing to your toddler. Always have water and milk. Surprisingly the airlines do not have milk on board many of their aircrafts. Definitely no domestic flights. You can bring liquids through security if they are for the “baby." Security will “test” the liquid, so they must be able to open the container. 

Layers are the best! I also love a pair of Ugg boots for a toddler. They are easy to get on and off, comfortable and warm. 

The Gear

I think this is a very personal subject. It is different for every child. For my daughter, a carseat has worked the best on the aircraft. I put the carseat in her airplane seat with the seatbelt though it. I then buckle her in and hope for the best! She likes the comfort of her carseat. She knows it is hers and that she needs to remain seated. Otherwise, she is all over the place! 

The Life Saver

Keep the kiddo comfortable when you plan for them to be seated. From car seats to strollers, it’s well worth the investment. Nice to have a very lightweight stroller. Even an umbrella stroller works. We tend to walk a lot and her little legs can’t keep up. If you are lucky, they can take their nap in the stroller while you are out and about.

The mifold car seat is fantastic for traveling with a kiddo that still needs a booster seat. It folds up small and fits in your bag. Great for NYC cabs and travel in Europe.

As most parents (typically moms) know... it’s all in the bag!

What you have in that kiddo toolkit, also known as a purse or diaper bag, can make or break your entire day with a little one. I recommend to always have a change of clothes in your bag for your kid (and also a fresh top for you too, just in case there’s a spill or no time to get back to the hotel to change). On overnight flights, always change your kids into pajamas so they know it is time to sleep. Make sure they have their lovey or blanket so they are comfortable. If they need a certain toy to go to sleep, bring two in case one gets lost! Always have backup!

Buy a bottle of water after you get thru security so that you alway have a drink for them. Snacks are a must have also. Try to limit the sugar so they aren’t going nuts on the plane.

A craft, coloring book or iPad depending on age. Headphones are great to keep them from being distracted by flight announcements, adult conversations, or even if you both want to watch a different movie at the same time.

Do not forget hand-sanitizing wipes! I wipe down everything on the plane. The last thing you need is an illness on your vacation!

And for my final tip... just make sure to bring the kid! (Don’t leave the toddler in the car or the house! We all know parenting can leave us prone to such mistakes.) Seriously, though — family time is always the best time. While we do have to deal with the occasional meltdowns and work our schedule around nap time, there is no one I would rather travel the world with than my little Zur Zur! I mean, look at that sweet face! How could you not want to travel with her!?

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