Kylie Jenner Reveals What Was Her No. 1 Craving During Pregnancy: "Literally... the Best Thing!"

Kylie Jenner Reveals What Was Her No. 1 Craving During Pregnancy: "Literally... the Best Thing!"

Turns out the Keeping Up With the Kardashians' newest mom is pretty relatable in at least one way.

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Perhaps you’d heard? Kylie Jenner delivered a baby girl on February 1 — and announced the news on social media as the first official confirmation that a baby had ever been on board. In an 11-minute video montage she shared to accompany the big delivery news, Kylie also offered a bit of insight into her pregnancy diet and cravings while she was expecting. 

In one portion of the clip, she’s seen in the doctor’s office discussing the appropriate amount of weight to gain during a healthy pregnancy (which, according to the medical pros in the room, is a recommended 28 to 35 pounds for a single baby, and Kylie is up to 20 at that stage).

She admits she’s not exactly craving kale. In fact she says that fast food chain In-N-Out, “literally tastes like… it's the best thing," she said. (And she’s hardly alone in those feelings among cult followers of the chain, pregnant or not.)

She also shows fans a clip of her ordering a double cheeseburger and french fries — well done! — at an In-N-Out drive through with friends. After getting their food, the group in the car agrees to keep the windows rolled up so they can "bask in the aroma" of all that fast food goodness!

In another holiday dinner scene, Kylie’s seen eating a plate of food with two burgers, “one for me and one for the baby, and two different fries because I like regular fries and she really likes sweet potato fries.” There’s also mac and cheese, greens, and ribs (well, just one rib) on the plate.

See the clip with those Kylie's pregnancy cravings and diet reveals... and so much other previously withheld info, too.

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