Kris Jenner Calls Costco Her "Favorite Store" — And She's Stockpiling a "Bunker"

Kris Jenner Calls Costco Her "Favorite Store" — And She's Stockpiling a "Bunker"

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch is preparing for earthquakes — and she's buying in bulk.

By Alesandra Dubin
Kris Jenner

What, did you think the world's most famous momager — who spawns billionaires — leaves much to chance? Nope. Kris Jenner, who starts her day at 4:30 a.m., is all about making plans for any eventuality. And she's doing it with the help of the warehouse store to the rich and famous (and everyone else, too): Costco.

Kris stopped by for an appearance on Alex Israel's video series As It Lays, and there she opened up about her preparation plans ahead of Southern California's possible encounter with "The Big One."

When the host asked if she stays earthquake ready at home, Kris answered, "I am! I am like a Girl Scout. I am the most earthquake ready person you would ever meet. I have fire extinguishers, and backpacks full of supplies, and I have flashlights and water and... I practically have a bunker."

Presumably, Kris is stocking that bunker with good-value items from the store she named as her absolute favorite. "I'm a bulk girl for sure," Kris said in answer to the host's question about her shopping style. "And my favorite store is Costco."

She added a note about her grocery-buying philosophy that could also be a summary of the whole family's approach to life in general: "Big, big, big," she said. "Go big or go home."

Check out Kris whole appearance here:

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