Here's How to Survive Holiday Family Travel While Pregnant (and Sober)... And Still Have Fun

Here's How to Survive Holiday Family Travel While Pregnant (and Sober)... And Still Have Fun

Hanging with the family sober? Send help. 

By Marianne Garvey

Gross. Who wants to hang for hours on end with family while sober? Kidding! (But not really.)

It’s the most exciting time of the year — and your life— but unfortunately, the two have fallen on the same time, so you’re going to have to deal with an alcohol-free, physically uncomfortable holiday this time around.

What to do:

1. Use the baby bump to your advantage.

If you have to travel home for the holidays and are 35 weeks pregnant or more, use that as the best excuse ever to stay home instead. See you next year, doc says I can’t fly!

If you do drive to see the family, take breaks to stretch and cry about being sober. On a positive note, with a car, you can get the hell outta there whenever you feel like it. And take the leftovers with you. 

2. Make sure your family has food you’ve been craving.

Eat all you want; no one can judge. And if you can’t drink, may as well use your jaw for something useful. Mmm, cookies.

3. Find a family member you love to laugh with... and stick to them like glue.

Nothing like sitting in the corner and making fun of everyone else with your favorite.

4. “I’m tired” is a great excuse.

Excuse yourself to the guest room to surf the web, read, or watch TV. Everyone will think you’re sound asleep. Just bring all the snacks and water you’ll need with you so you don’t have to come back out.

5. Make everyone visit you instead.

That’s if you can handle your family in your house for an extended time.

6. Wear whatever you want.

Oh it’s a fancy party? Too bad I’m wearing yoga pants because that's all that fits and I want to be comfortable. No one will dare say a word.

7. Use the holiday to get baby gifts you need.

Nothing for me thanks... but can you take a peek at my baby registry? Thanks, Santa!

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