Why Britain Is 'Gagging' Over 'Ladies of London'

Why Britain Is 'Gagging' Over 'Ladies of London'

The stars sound off on feedback from the other side of the pond.

On our new show Ladies of London, the cameras take Americans inside the glamorous world of London's high society. But what do native Brits think about a show that examines their class-driven society?

Stars Caprice Bourret and Noelle Reno are opening up about the response from their country—and it seems as if they've cultivated a rabid fan base already.

"Women in British society are all secretly excited to watch it," Noelle tells Glamour. Adds Caprice: "Oh, they're gagging for it! And if they say they aren't, they're liars!"

Noelle recalls one recent trip to a hair salon where women were gushing over the show—even before they had watched it. "They were having people in the states send it to them to watch!" Noelle says. "This woman had watched it before I'd even watched it."

Though the series may have fans already, Caprice says she doesn't expect her countrymates to give her a pat on the back. "I've encountered a lot of love and support [in the U.S.]," she says. "In England, they don't do that. You have to really work for people to say something like, 'Well done!'"

Noelle agrees: "I'm not getting a hard time about trying to do good things," she says. "In Britain, if you rise just a little bit too much out of where you came from, they've got to cut you down."

That may change as Season One continues—but Caprice doesn't seem to care. "[British people] love building you up, and then when you're at the top, they want to cut you," she admits. "They love doing that. They keep on cutting, but then they love the build again. In America, they aren't as ruthless and, more than anywhere, they love a comeback story. They live for a feel-good story. They're very vocal about it here, which I love."

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