Who's Josie Malave's Biggest Supporter?

Who's Josie Malave's Biggest Supporter?

Hint: He's a millionaire and one of the most famous faces (and hairdos) in sports.

By Mike Hess

Now that Josie Malave is in our Save a Chef competition (which you can still vote in!) after being eliminated from Top Chef and subsequently beaten by Kristen Kish in Last Chance Kitchen, she needs all the support she can get to help her stay alive. Going against CJ Jacobson is no small feat, so when a big-time name in the sports world threw his weight behind Josie and her "Gospel Bird" fried chicken, we had to report it.

So who's the sports legend to declare he's entirely Team Josie? It's none other than Don King -- yes, the flag-waving, vertical-haired boxing promoter. In an interview with Grub Street, Don decalres that he's behind Josie because she's the type of American he feels are a true reflection of the country. "They say what they mean, mean with they say," he says of Josie and the outspoken faction of the population, adding that sometimes "what they say it is not taken they way people may like it."

Verbosity aside, he says that "Josie is a fabulous cook," and that he's been told "her fried chicken is second to none. In the black community, fried chicken is known as the "Gospel Bird." He then goes on to expound a song he wrote in support of Josie. Seriously.

Josie: "I Don't Feel Guilty"

Then comes the kicker, and a possible explanation for anyone at this point who's still scratching their heads thinking 'Why the heck is Don King endorsing Josie?' Ready for it? The next question from the interviewer asks whether rumors about him wanting to open a fried chicken restaurant with her have any merit, and Don shows the footwork of a seriously skilled dancer ... or of a guy who knows how to give a long answer without actually answering anything.

"Lemme tell you something. I believe in America. I believe in American dreams, and I think she's got a good team. Chef Josie's team makes America's dreams. You know what I'm saying? This is what you've have to do. There ain't no I in team. That's T-E-A-M; that's on the B-E-A-M. If you deal with that — whether it's I-I-I, we, the me-me-me, or the we and us — that's when you start to lose sight of the forest for the trees. So we may get chef Josie, I'll make it come together, and in so doing, we'll open up and serve the hearts and the stomachs of all Americans; every creed, race, color, and religion."

So, there you go. Vote in Save a Chef to keep either Josie or CJ alive this week!

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