Travel Mystery: Where in the World Did Paris Hilton Take (SO MANY) Birthday Selfies?

Travel Mystery: Where in the World Did Paris Hilton Take (SO MANY) Birthday Selfies?

Join the fantasy vacation guessing game.

By Ko Im

Paris Hilton, the just-turned 35-year-old socialite, looked at peace in a two-piece and pigtails over the weekend. She spent her birthday snapping pics — so many pics — of her svelte body in swimsuits in an unknown overseas location. The destination looked like nothing short of heaven on earth.

In one recent social media post, the niece of Kyle and Kim Richards wrote: "Feel so #Happy #Blessed & truly #Grateful. I really needed this time away from my busy hectic life to be here on this beautiful magical island. This is the perfect place to sit, relax & reflect on my life. So many realizations, thoughts & revelations! Excited for this new chapter in my life..." 

And there were many more travel porn posts, with a dose of philosophy, where that one came from.

While the socialite used copious hashtags like #LivingintheMoment #ChillinginParadise, she didn't geotag her location. So that left fans and followers to wonder: Is it the Maldives? Bora Bora? 

Life is beautiful.... #LiveInTheMoment 💛

A photo posted by Paris Hilton (@parishilton) on

Paris continued to taunt winter-bluesy followers with lots and lots of photos of herself in swimsuits under the sun — while also carrying her own line of accessories to boot. The surprise trip was apparently a gift from her new boyfriend to a place she had never been before. But she's obviously no stranger to packing for tropical weather).

There is a Hilton-related luxury property in the Maldives, but we can't be certain the heiress took off her heart-shaped sunnies and rested her eyes there. 

Another beautiful sunny day on the #MagicaI Island. 🌈

A photo posted by Paris Hilton (@parishilton) on

It must be a thing, for beautiful celebrities to be flown away by handsome men to exclusive islands. (Looking at you, Cindy Crawford.) What a life!

So what do you think: Where in the world is Paris?

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