'Top Chef' Judges Share First Images from #NOLA

'Top Chef' Judges Share First Images from #NOLA

Check out behind-the-scenes shots from the new season in New Orleans.

By Rachael Roberts

Ready for Top Chef 11? To prepare yourself for the newest installment of the greatest cooking competition show ever, you can tour NOLA through the eyes of our very own Top Chef judges! We've gathered a collection of their Twitter shots from the heart of Louisiana just for you.

Check out the photos HERE!

The biggest surprise? Hugh Acheson is a total pro at Instagram. Where does his social media magic come from? Is it his eyebrows? After all, this photo exists:

hugh mardi gras

If you’re salivating for more, you can check out NOLA’s thoughts on the exciting New Season where New Orleans gives our cheftestants a big Louisiana welcome.

Knives down! Hands up! Mardi Gras on!

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