Richard Blais Smokes Up in 'Burger Lab'

Richard Blais Smokes Up in 'Burger Lab'

It's like Cheech & Chong, only with the 'Top Chef' champ and a burger instead of drugs.

By Mike Hess

Hey maaaan, what's going on with Richard Blais' burger? Oh, you know, just Up In Smoke meets Top Chef with a whole lot of Richard in his new show, Burger Lab.

The Tasted-fueled web series kicked off this week, and for starters, Richard busts out the old smoking machine (the culinary kind) to get all sorts of barbecue on his burger, infusing the same flavors one might get in pulled pork or ribs into his patty. Oh, there's also pulled pork on it, in case you weren't sold already. With the flick of a lighter, it transforms from a regular burger to a blazed... err, Blaised burger. Check it out below:

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