Patti Stanger: What To Eat on a First Date

Patti Stanger: What To Eat on a First Date

Seafood? Eat it!

By Nicki Gostin

Listen up, single ladies. According to Patti Stanger, if you’re on a first date steer clear of the spaghetti alfredo, no matter how much you like twirling and slurping, and no matter how badly you may want that Lady and the Tramp moment! Instead, go for lighter fare like seafood or sushi. And as for the liquids, the Millionaire Matchmaker offers some sage advice. 

“As for cocktails, I believe in a two-drink maximum,” she told Los Angeles Confidential. “Nothing good can happen after a third drink! However, I do love Rosa Regale sparkling wine, as well as espresso martinis—the only pick-me-up you’ll ever need. I’m also a big believer in mint mojitos; they make your breath taste fresher.”

One reason why Patti loves seafood so much is because she believes they contain qualities conducive to fallin’ in love, or at least in lust.

“Salmon, oysters, and tuna all have aphrodisiac properties,” she espouses. “I also love sake because [most are] gluten-free and don’t have sulfites. They say pomegranate is also an aphrodisiac.”

In fact, our resident Cupid believes very strongly that the way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach, so much so that she’s working on a cookbook aptly titled, Matchmaker Meals.

“(David and I) cook together all the time,” she says about her and honey of over one year, David Krause, “We’re always in the kitchen!”

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