Joanna Krupa Weighs In on Kanye-Kimmel Feud

Joanna Krupa Weighs In on Kanye-Kimmel Feud

The RHOM star also says one is sexier than the other.

By Nicki Gostin

The Jimmy Kimmel-Kanye West feud shows no signs of slowing—and now one of our very own Housewives has chosen a team.

Over the weekend, Joanna Krupa tweeted that she's firmly on Team Jimmy. And she also added that the talk show host is "way hotter" than the rapper.



Kanye and Jimmy's feud ignited after the late night host played a skit on his show of children reading the transcripts of a rather strange interview the rapper gave to the BBC. Kimmel then claimed that the thin-skinned rapper called him and demanded an on-air apology... or else.

He followed these up with a string of profanity-laden tweets that have since been removed. Among his tweets: he said he was "out of line," Jimmy's "face looks crazy" and claimed Jimmy hasn't been with as many beautiful women as he. Some speculated that it might be a prank. We're sure he's sleeping a little safer knowing our Polish Princess is on his side!

Watch Jimmy talk about the feud on his show and tell us: do you agree with Joanna's pick?

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