It's Your Turn to 'Save a Chef'

It's Your Turn to 'Save a Chef'

Vote to keep your favorite 'Top Chef'contestant in the mix.

By Mike Hess

Think the stakes of Last Chance Kitchen are high? Well, we've just upped the ante with Save a Chef -- the newest twist in Top Chef that you control.

With the kickoff of Save a Chef, we're allowing you, the fans, to keep one of the chefs who lost in Last Chance Kitchen alive by voting to keep them in the mix week after week. The cheftestant who makes it all the way through as the last Save a Chef contender standing will go back into Last Chance Kitchen during the series' final week to compete for a spot in the Top Chef finale. Yes, you read that right -- even chefs eliminated from Last Chance Kitchen now have another shot at making it back into the big show.

How do you figure into this? Firstly, watch Last Chance Kitchen to see who moved on and which three chefs are in the running for Save a Chef, and then head over here to vote for who you want to see move on. The voting will go through the week until the next round of Save a Chef, and you can vote multiple times to really throw your weight behind your favorite chef. It's like a choose your own adventure comic book, only more delicious!

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