David Cruz Fights for Marriage Equality

David Cruz Fights for Marriage Equality

The 'Millionaire Matchmaker' star speaks out against his native island's intolerance towards gays.

By Jocelyn Vena

As one of the matchmakers on Millionaire Matchmaker, David Cruz likes to think of himself as a "Romance Enthusiast." And it's his passion for helping people find that special someone that had him speaking out for marriage equality.

In an essay he wrote for the Huffington Post, the professional cupid is opening up about the inequality gay people face in his native Guam, where gay men and women are being denied the legal right to marry. The Archbishop of Guam has also said that being gay is "disorder" and "intrinsically morally evil" when speaking out against homosexuality. It was news, David writes, that "broke my heart."

"I was deeply compelled to voice my opinion about this matter, as I am not only a son of Guam having grown up on the island, but also as a gay man," he writes. "I spend every moment of my life helping people find love. So I could not stand by and watch my own community of LGBT people be discriminated against because of their quest for love."

In addition to the heartfelt essay, David has made a video to shed light on the cause that is dear to his heart. "My hope is that everyone out there, who believes in equality and love, can join me in sending a message to the Governor of Guam," he writes. "Urge him to allow all people, no matter what their sexual preference is, the freedom to marry. Let's make love the reason why we move forward in history and not a wall that we build to keep people out."

[Source: Huffington post]

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