You'll Never Guess What Craig Conover's Assistant Anna-Heyward Used to Do for a Living

You'll Never Guess What Craig Conover's Assistant Anna-Heyward Used to Do for a Living

The Southern Charm pillow-maker's assistant had a very different career path previously.

By Hannah Fusaro
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Everything You Need to Know About Craig Conover's Assistant Anna-Heyward

On the Southern Charm Season 6 reunion Part 1, Craig Conover defended his decision to hire his assistant Anna-Heyward, explaining she helps him get organized and sort through his mail, among other things. In the Southern Charm After Show, Craig shared a little more about Anna-Heyward's background — and her former career choice is definitely surprising.

"She is a trauma nurse," Craig revealed. "She worked on the trauma floor of the ER for years but her and her husband, Graham, is a good friend of both of ours so I got to meet him last summer visiting... They moved to the Bahamas; you cannot work in the Bahamas unless you're Bahamian or you will be deported instantly. So she's not allowed to be a nurse in the Bahamas and she was getting me back on track with returning emails and phone calls and texts so I was like, why don't we just make this a thing? Because I felt bad; she was doing it for free. So I started to pay her."

In fact, it seems like Anna-Heyward's been such a huge help that Craig doesn't need her anymore: "It's gotten to the point now, she's successfully to the point, where I can manage my own life to the extent and that was the goal. So I don't think I need her anymore but that means that she did her job, so that was great," he said.

Catch Part 2 of the reunion on Wednesday at 9/8c. Preview, below.

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