Annabelle Neilson Loves to Exit a Party like Cinderella

Annabelle Neilson Loves to Exit a Party like Cinderella

The #LadiesofLondon star breaks down the proper way to end a night out.

By Jocelyn Vena
Annabelle Neilson's Guide to Exiting a Party Gracefully

Some people call it ghosting, but Ladies of London's Annabelle Neilson has her own word for the art of leaving a party early without interrupting anyone else's good time. When the model and socialite stopped by The Daily Dish offices recently, she opened up about her favorite exit strategy when it comes to ending a night out on the town.

"I kind of have a bit of a rule about, you know, [leaving a party, like] Cinderella. You know, nothing really great happens after 12 o'clock," she said (in the video above). "I used to call it the phantom, which is, basically [you] just vanish. Rather than go and make a [scene] like, 'I'm leaving,' whatever, you know, just exit. It's fine."

Now that you've got Annabelle's OK to just peace out on your party pals without any explanation, we suggest you give it a try this weekend. And rest up because a new episode of Ladies of London airs Monday at 10/9c; catch a preview below.

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