Andy Cohen 'Hooks Up' With Tom Colicchio

Andy Cohen 'Hooks Up' With Tom Colicchio

The 'WWHL' host gets salty and does some fishing with his 'Top Chef' buddy.

By Mike Hess

Nice catch, Andy Cohen!

It's not every day that you see Mr. Watch What Happens Live hit the high seas and sink a hook into a 15 pound ravenous sea monster, so take your time to relish in the video we're about to present to you. Andy and his pal and colleage, Top Chef mastermind Tom Colicchio, chartered a boat and did some serious fishing right in the waters of New York City for Tom's Reserve Channel show 'Hooked Up', and there was plenty of action (and discussion) for both. Andy enjoyed both the sporting aspect of it as well as the fashion part -- and thankfully Tom was kind enough to supply him with a ridiculous vest and leather pants Andy hoped to keep for some weekend shenanigans.

The two talk about everything from the television industry to Andy's legacy in the biz -- and much more. Watch below, and be sure to head back to YouTube's Reserve channel to keep on top of Tom's web series.

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