We're Hoping to See GG's Pal Malaika on Shahs of Sunset Season 7

We're Hoping to See GG's Pal Malaika on Shahs of Sunset Season 7

The new cast member would bring a wild streak to the show — and we're all for that. 

By Jenny Berg

Though we're pretty pumped with the cast of Shahs of Sunset as it is, we do think there's room for one more (whiskered) personality to make an appearance when the show returns for Season 7. And that personality would be Malaika, Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi's feline friend.

After seeing the intriguing cat on Instagram stories, we're wondering: Why haven't we seen more of this splendid creature?

GG, the proud cat mama, just shared footage of Malaika taking her "morning bath." The gorgeous kitty, who's marked with spots and stripes, placed her paw under the tap to collect water, then groomed herself like a pro. What a sophisticated cat! 

Previously in her feed, GG introduced fans to Malaika, whom she seems to have adopted in late 2017. The Savannah F2 cat apparently has the "temperament of a dog," and will even play catch and walk on a leash! So, Malaika has a bit of "wild blood ..." but it's nothing GG can't handle. 

And sure, having Malaika around isn't all fun and games for GG's other cat, Romeo ... 

But, can you really put a price on having a Savannah F2? The breed is a rare mix of serval and domestic cat — so it's understandable that Malaika would have a bit of a wild streak. That's all the more reason, we say, to fold the cat into the drama of the next season of Shahs.

And let's face it: after a tumultuous last Season that included a breakup, GG could use a steadfast friend by her side. 

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