Caroline: It Was All in Good Humour

Caroline: It Was All in Good Humour

Caroline defends her comments about Julie's yoga and maintains her innocence with Juliet's husband in #Humpgate.

Humping Husbands in Unicorn Onesies Tell us about the pressure of the Gift Library and hearing Rania say that people think you don’t care about the success of it.

Caroline Stanbury: Gift Library was my absolute baby, I had built it from nothing by myself. Like with most things I internalise my feelings and put up these barriers, I’m sorry if everyone thinks that it's cold but I almost go into a shell and have to make sure I come back out fighting. What were your thoughts on Julie’s business pitch and your meeting?

CS: I was super impressed by Julie's business pitch, she was super organised but I needed to take time out and concentrate on trying to save my own business. As much as I wanted to help her and be there for her, I wanted her to learn from the mistakes I had made. Did you think your comments at dinner were a dig to Julie? What were you thinking when Julie reacted the way she did? 

CSClearly I didn’t think they were a dig at Julie. There were two drunk women at the end of the table doing headstands, you can hardly take that seriously.

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It's New Years, New Tears For Julie Tell us about #Humpgate. Did you feel that you crossed the line with Juliet’s husband? Why or why not?

CSNo, it was New Year’s Eve, everyone was drunk. I wanted everyone to join in with the fun. Looking back it probably was poor judgement but it was all done in good humour.

Caroline and Luke Spill the British Tea: Episode 3
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