Julie Montagu Is Rediscovering Herself on a Wellness Retreat in Thailand: "I Was a Burnt-Out Mom..."

Julie Montagu Is Rediscovering Herself on a Wellness Retreat in Thailand: "I Was a Burnt-Out Mom..."

The Ladies of London globe trotter is taking some time to recharge, and says "it's never too late."

By Jenny Berg

It's frosty wintertime in much of the world, but Julie Montagu is surrounded by fragrant jasmine and taking a dip in her private pool. For those of you that are prone to FOMO, look away now — but those looking for a little warm-weather travel inspo should prepare to take notes. 

The Ladies of London jet-setter just took a trip to Phuket, Thailand, where she's getting some much-needed R&R. (And lots of coconuts, but we'll get to that later.) As a guest at the Amatara Wellness Resort, the mom of four has one primary objective: to recharge. 

On Instagram, Julie let her followers in what she has in store for the restorative journey. First up, there will plenty of time spent poolside, soaking in the rays. But, that's not nearly all. "I came here to rest and recharge but for me, that’s not just sitting by a pool all day," Julie shared.

While on her dream vacation, the self-care guru is indulging in plenty of massages while at the resort. She's also practicing her headstands at on-site yoga classes, clearing her mind during meditation practice, and, she wrote: "nourishing by body with the most wonderful local food and coconuts!"  

This all sounds pretty heavenly to us, and Julie's snaps from the adventure just prove that theory. But beyond all of that — and even more importantly — she's also completely finding herself again after a "burnt-out" period. Let her journey inspire you in her own words (and pics!) here:

• MOTHERHOOD • One of the hardest ‘jobs’ in the world. We give ALL of us to ALL of them - every single day - 24/7 - no questions asked. We just do it. When my kids were much younger, I lost sense of who I was. I honestly did not know what happened to Julie Montagu. I became a mom, a wife - those were the words used to define who I was. I was Emma, Jack, William and Nestor’s mom and I was Luke’s wife. I was never referred to as ‘Julie Montagu’. So who was I? 10 years ago, I didn’t know. I didn’t have any energy to try to figure it out, to work on myself, to do something for me. Frankly, I was burnt out. Yup, I was a burnt out mom. It’s the most demanding responsibility - possibly ever. And so this post is to all the moms out there who might be feeling what I once felt. I’ve been there - burnt out, exhausted. I even lost my self-esteem and self-worth. But I want to remind any mom out there struggling with what I wrestled with - wondering where YOU went. You are still there. Your true authentic self is still there - it just needs to come up for air and breath. When? Right now. No matter how old or young you are as a mom, regardless of your children’s ages - you still have SO much time to give yourself space to hear what it is you really want and need to re-discover you. Space. Give yourself space. When you do, you get to truly listen to what it is you really want. The more you start to listen to yourself, the more real and authentic you become. And then what…. well, I bet you start doing more things for you: signing up for that online course you can take when the kids are napping, becoming a yoga teacher! 🤸🏼‍♀️starting a blog (you can do that too when kids are napping or at school), writing that book, following your passions and making steps to make them a reality! Because trust me, you are in there, wanting to come out and breath. And Once you’ve created the space you need - use it to re-discover your passions, your purpose - because trust me, it is never ever too late. xxJulie 💙 wearing: @boden_clothing 👙 and @virasun 🕶

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