Here's Why the Royals' India Trip Will Be So Intensely Poignant

Here's Why the Royals' India Trip Will Be So Intensely Poignant

By Alesandra Dubin

Just look at that iconic photo of Princess Diana perched oh-so-ladylike in front of the Taj Mahal, foreground and background both equally regal. 

But the 1992 image is a sad one too: That solitary photo, seen so widely around the world, suggested what was really going on inside her marriage to Prince Charles. They’d divorce four years later, in 1996 — and a year after that, she was dead.

Well, it’s been 24 years since the dramatic photo was snapped in a place Diana loved.

And now, her son is preparing to visit the very same spot with his bride. Yes, Prince William and Kate Middleton are preparing for a trip to India. It will be the first time the Duke and Duchess have visited the country, and the first tour since they hit New York in 2014.

The pair will tour India’s sites and cultural highlights, including experiences with Bollywood, cricket, and the home of Mahatma Gandhi.

And then, on April 16, the last day of their visit, the royals will return to this very spot: the Taj Mahal.

The Palace made note of the significance in a release about the trip: "The Duke of Cambridge is of course aware of the huge esteem his mother, the late Princess of Wales, is held in India and he appreciates the iconic status of the images that exist of the Princess at the Taj. He feels incredibly lucky to visit a place where his mother’s memory is kept alive by so many who travel there. Twenty four years on from her visit to the Taj, the Duke and The Duchess are looking forward to seeing this beautiful place for themselves and creating some new memories as they say thank you to the people of India at the conclusion of this tour."

We do hope — and expect — there will be much more joy, if the same exquisite royal poise, in any resulting photography.

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