New Study Ranks the Worst State for Quality of Life in America — and We Have THOUGHTS

New Study Ranks the Worst State for Quality of Life in America — and We Have THOUGHTS

There's no way California belongs at the bottom.

By Alesandra Dubin
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We're over here in Los Angeles in our winter flip-flops trying to wrap our heads around the latest study that claims to reveal the state with the worst quality of life in America.

U.S. News released the results, and said its study is takes into account a full 75 metrics, which combine to result in the overall rankings. These include health care, education, economy, infrastructure, and public safety. And indeed, the study ranked California in dead last place for the specific "quality of life" metric, just behind New Jersey (49th) and Indiana (48th).

The study found the state with the best quality of life was North Dakota, with Minnesota and Wisconsin coming in next.

For the record, California came in 32nd overall across all categories combined — still a pretty lousy showing.

I admit I have lived in only four cities and two regions within California: L.A. in Southern California, plus Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco around Northern California's Bay Area. I acknowledge California's massiveness and diversity, both geographical and demographical. And I acknowledge, too, that there's no science behind my personal response to this study — only observations.

But I'm here to tell you: Californians know how to live well — we have surf and sand and snow. (Speaking of, we claim Olympian Chloe Kim, and she proudly claims us.) We have the best public university in the world. (U.S. News got that one right — shout out to my alma mater!) We have Yosemite! We have world-class wine and America's best Mexican food, hands down! We, at least here in L.A., wear open-toed shoes pretty much year round — except when we're hiking (also year round).

I could go on. And on. And on. To infinity and beyond.

But let's just say — take heart, Californians. You know the real truth. (And don't share it too widely either... because traffic is already a blight on our otherwise idyllic quality of life.)

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