Woman Demanding More Champagne on Flight Causes Emergency Landing

Woman Demanding More Champagne on Flight Causes Emergency Landing


By Macy Daniela Martin
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A word for the wise: When flight attendants cut you off the booze, it's best to keep your cool (unless you want to derail the entire flight path and cause major delays for your fellow passengers). If you're thinking, Wait, has that actually happened? We're here to tell you that it has... and, yikes. On Saturday, Dec. 9, a Swiss woman demanding champagne on a flight to Zurich caused an emergency landing, Travel + Leisure reports.

The belligerent passenger was traveling in first class on flight LX1327. After crew members decided to stop serving her bubbly, she reportedly "became aggressive" toward them.


According to Travel + Leisure, the 44-year-old sparkling wine enthusiast started pacing around the plane's aisles and even grabbed a flight attendant's wrist. As such, though the flight was heading for Zurich from Moscow, the woman's behavior warranted a stop at Berlin's Stuttgart Airport, where she was removed from the Air Bus and fined the equivalent of $5,871.


We'll go ahead and file this under things not to do while on board an aircraft just below naming your Wi-Fi hotspot "Bomb on Board." Cheers!

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