Let Your Zodiac Sign Reveal Your Perfect Winter Vacation

Let Your Zodiac Sign Reveal Your Perfect Winter Vacation

This honestly makes us wish we were an Aquarius. 

By Kristyn Pomranz

Planning a winter vacation always poses a conundrum: Do you lean into the snowy season with a ski trip at a swanky resort? Or do you flee towards the equator to escape the cold? Do you go somewhere nice and calm to get a respite from the holiday madness? Or do you head to Vegas to try and win back the massive sum of money you spent on your family's gifts?

Luckily, your zodiac sign holds the key to which winter vacation will best suit your personality. Find your sign below and start booking a trip (or not, you crazy Capricorns).

Aries = Grand Canyon, Arizona

Energetic and dynamic Aries needs an exciting and adventurous vacation — and no place in the U.S. offers more adrenaline than the Grand Canyon. Hiking, whitewater rafting, and a transparent skywalk will keep Aries’ hearts racing all vacation long.

Taurus = Las Vegas, Nevada

The deadly sins-loving Taurus will love a getaway to their mothership — Sin City. Opulent hotels, decadent food, and the temptations of gambling really hit all of the Bull’s pleasure points, keeping up with her love of indulgence and hedonism.

Gemini = Austin, Texas

Geminis have a reputation for being, in a word, quirky, so they would certainly enjoy a trip to the capital of keeping things weird: Austin, Texas. Full of art, tech, and music with a superhip food scene, the inquisitive Twins will be consistently stimulated.

Cancer = Whistler, BC, Canada

Not everybody gravitates towards the heat — some like to embrace the winter. Emotional and creative Cancer wants her wintry mix, but in the most comfortable way possible — luxurious accommodations, fur blankets, and fireside Irish coffee, courtesy of Whistler, British Columbia.

Leo = Vail, Colorado

Lovely Leo is looking for a vacation where she can indulge her sensual side, and Vail’s top-of-its-class ski resort will give her just that. She can rub elbows on the slopes, flirt in mountaintop wine bars, and then sip hot toddies before bringing hot-hotties back to her hotel room.

Virgo = Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Why would conservative Virgo spend an elaborate sum on a mere trip when they could add to their savings and eventually buy their own vacation home? We think they’d enjoy the modest option of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They’d get sun and beach that’s still totally economical.

Libra = Charleston, South Carolina

Sociable and charming Libra will fit right in down in America’s official Nicest City: Charleston. She can enjoy lazy strolls along the waterfront, chat with friendly locals at all the bars on Shem’s Creek, and loll about on Folly Beach — which is often warm all through winter.

Scorpio = Los Angeles, California

When Scorpio wants to get away, she wants to get away. Her passionate and magnetic personality will fit right in with the electricity of Los Angeles: She can get wild in West Hollywood, shake up the scene in Silverlake, and blow her bank account in Beverly Hills.

Sagittarius = Pack Up and Go

It takes a certain kind of person to leave their vacation planning in someone else’s hands — and she’s probably a Sagittarius. The good-humored, optimistic, and carefree Archer would deeply enjoy Pack Up and Go, a “surprise travel agency” that plans a mystery vacation for you.

Capricorn = Staycation

Is a staycation really a vacation? It is if you’re a Capricorn! This prudent, reserved sign finds the ultimate relaxation in simply spending time at home, checking off her to-dos, clearing out her DVR, and catching up on some zzz’s. Judge all you want, but it sounds pretty good right now.

Aquarius = Belize

Although Aquarius is a water bearer, she is technically an air sign who craves unpredictability and all-things-original. We think she should escape to lesser-traveled Belize where she can take her pick between sunny beaches, tropical rainforests, and crystal-rich caves.

Pisces = Virgin Gorda

Pisces is arguably the ultimate water sign, and she wants nothing more than to escape to an island year-round. So when vacationing, the idealistic Fish should head to one of the most beautiful spots in the Caribbean: Virgin Gorda, with its crystal clear oceans and hidden coves. 

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