This Elite Club Requires Members to Hit a Major Travel Milestone (Do You Qualify?)

This Elite Club Requires Members to Hit a Major Travel Milestone (Do You Qualify?)

It's a hugely ambitious feat (though not quite as much as it might first seem).

By Macy Daniela Martin

It’s no secret that frequent travel comes with its perks: Things like seat upgrades and comp hotel nights are welcome aspects of the fast-paced, jet-set lifestyle. And you should know about one more thing you can add to your list of travel bonuses — and bragging rights — too: You can earn access to an elite club, the Traveler’s Century Club,  if you visit visit more than 100 countries. (Yes, that's most of the world as the borders are drawn.)

The exclusive members-only group (also known as TCC) got its start in Los Angeles in 1954, and per its website, offers lots of benefits — including obvious bragging rights and even Girl Scout-style pins, earned as you visit more and more destinations.

Feel like you’ll never make it to 100? Don’t fret! The TCC actually has a loose interpretation of what constitutes a “country." While the U.S. Department of State says there are only 195 sovereign countries, as noted in Travel + Leisure, the club recognizes a list of 325 qualifying “territories" — and Alaska, for instance, counts as its own. So, it’s not as difficult as you might think to reach join-worthy heights!

Traveler’s Century Club has more than 1,000 members worldwide. To become one of them, fill out the application form online (you’ll need to check all the countries you’ve visited) and pay the $100 initiation fee.

BOOM. Elite club, joined.

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