Given the State Department's Scary New Warning, Should You Cancel Your Trip to Mexico?

Given the State Department's Scary New Warning, Should You Cancel Your Trip to Mexico?

The State Department's Mexico travel warning has travelers asking questions — here's how the experts answer.

By Karen Gardiner

In spite of reassurances from many pros, the reverberations of the U.S. Department of State's Mexico travel warnings continue to be felt. Issued on March 18, the State Department's Level 2 advisory tells travelers to "exercise increased caution in Mexico" generally, noting that "violent crime, such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery, is widespread," and explicitly requests that U.S. citizens avoid the Mexican states of Colima, Guerrero, Michoacán, Sinaloa, and Tamaulipas. The most popular areas — including Riviera Maya and Los Cabos — are listed as a not-overly-concerning Level 2.

With Memorial Day and summer vacations nearly here, some American vacationers are still concerned about plans to visit. Here's what the experts say on if Mexico is safe to visit in 2018.

American Society of Travel Agents:

“We encourage travelers to consult with their advisor, a professional who is equipped and trained to provide the individual support and consultation to help travelers make decisions about travel plans. Travel advisors can can help the client make an informed decision using objective third party sources like State Department warnings, but ultimately the decision to travel or not travel to a particular destination is up to the individual traveler. Each traveler has their own level of risk tolerance.”

Travel Leaders Group C.E.O. Ninan Chacko:

"Our travel agents provide our clients with the latest available information on a particular destination, so travelers can make informed decisions, but ultimately the decision to travel to a destination is a personal choice that each individual needs to make. I am a frequent visitor to Mexico and feel comfortable visiting the resort destinations in Mexico with my family. That being said, whether traveling at home or abroad, travelers should always take necessary safety precautions and should keep up-to-date on the latest information about the destination they are visiting. Booking with a travel agent and purchasing travel insurance is an important safety net. When you book with a travel agent, in the event of any type of weather or travel disruption, you always have someone to call."

Daniel Durazo, director of communications, Allianz Global Assistance U.S.A.:

“It’s rare that any destination can claim to be 100 percent safe, which is why we always suggest investing in travel insurance with sufficient medical coverage, so you won’t have to pay out-of-pocket for international care if you do need medical treatment. Allianz Travel Insurance can also provide coverage for trip cancellation and trip interruption if a terrorist incident at the customer’s destination happens within 30 days of their arrival, or if an incident takes place during the trip, it can cover unused non-refundable expenses plus extra expenses to return home on short notice. For customers traveling to Mexico, we suggest they download our TravelSmart app, which provides local emergency phone numbers and other emergency medical features like a map of all proximate, pre-screened medical facilities."

Johnny Jet

"I tell people who are deciding to buy tickets that if you’re nervous about going and you’re going to be on edge the whole trip then why go? It’s not much of a vacation. However, if you have already purchased your vacation and you’re going to touristy destinations and not the ones listed on the government warnings, then I wouldn’t worry."

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