An Uber Driver Followed His Map App Down a Flight of Stairs

An Uber Driver Followed His Map App Down a Flight of Stairs

That feeling when your Uber driver makes you very, very late.

By Alesandra Dubin

Do you remember that episode of The Office when Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute end up in a lake thanks to their GPS? Yeah, that can happen in real life, too. 

It turns out an Uber driver in San Francisco claimed he was using the platform's map application when it guided him in the direction of a flight of stairs — so, naturally, he proceeded to follow the technology down the steps. (As The Office's Michael astutely noted, "Maybe it's a shortcut... the machine knows!"

The driver ended up getting stuck on the stairs for nearly two hours. Why did it take so long for a rescue?

Well, according to Business Insider, that's because a tow truck tried to move the Uber by way of a cable, but the cable snapped and hurled the car into a public trash bin, knocking it off its screws. So all told, that guy's night probably called for a hot bath, a stiff drink, and a lot of exploding-head emojis. He also reports he'll never drive in the area again.

While we don't have video of the incident, we can share these KRON4 news photos:

And we can offer this dramatic video re-enactment (actually, it's the clip from The Office that still makes us laugh). Enjoy!

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