Want to Make Yourself More Dateable? Book a Trip — Stat

Want to Make Yourself More Dateable? Book a Trip — Stat

Yet another reason to grab that passport.

By Aly Walansky
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Advice for Single Women Traveling Solo in Their 40s

Perhaps you've had to listen to one too many "suggestions" from family members around holiday dinner tables about how you can — in their opinions — get more dates: Put on a little lipstick! Get online! Get offline! Stop thinking about it too much! Put more effort into it! Yeah, nope to all of that, thanks.

But here's one suggestion for a way to be more dateable that is both effective — and downright fun. Book a trip right now! That's right, travel actually makes you more likely to find a partner, according to a new study.

Travel company Contiki surveyed over 3,000 18 to 35 year olds globally and found that travelers have better relationships and are overall "more datable."

The survey found 63 percent of people believe their experience traveling helped them to problem solve and overcome obstacles, which can be a benefit both personally and in a relationship. Is there any relationship that doesn’t come to points of conflict and roadblocks? Of course not, and being accustomed to the unknowns and potential pitfalls of travel makes it all go more smoothly.

“Travel requires adaptability skills, because travel comes with obstacles, even with the best-laid plans. When traveling solo, one learns to trust their own instincts,” psychologist and relationship expert Antonia Hall tells Jet Set.

It also, says Hall, helps us to stay flexible and move through whatever challenges that may arise. “Travels is an incredible way to learn about one's self, how you deal with stress, and what you need to do to take care of yourself,” Hall says.

It’s hard to be happy with someone else when we’re not happy in our own right... and according to the survey, travelers are 19 percent more likely to be happy. Naturally, happier people have happier relationships.

Another travel benefit of travel is learning to appreciate the other’s perspectives. Contiki found that travelers are 7 percent more likely to accept different beliefs and life perspectives, making it easier to be more understanding with your partner. “In partnered travel you get to put your adaptability skills to work and see if your partner can do the same,” says Hall. “One can learn a lot about a person while traveling, including where you match up, how you can support one another and where outside challenges lead to issues between you two. Once you've been through flight delays, unexpected storms, and other challenges, it helps bond you with your partner and make everyday obstacles easier to get through together."

Other findings of the survey discovered that people who travel are 10 percent more likely to be more satisfied in their relationship. And 76 percent of travelers said that they are more confident because of travel.

"This study makes a lot of sense, and I agree with its assessment — which is in keeping with similar studies on travel," says Hall. Travel allows you to experience new cultures [and] ways of life, and have adventures outside your comfort zone. This is a great way to get to know oneself, and to get to know your partner in ways that foster bonding," Hall says. 

So, hey, singles who are seeking: Plan a trip! It just might help you meet and keep the right one — and at any rate, it's definitely an opportunity to at least enjoy the journey until you do.

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