The Shirtless Tonga Flag Bearer Made a Triumphant Return at the Olympics Opening Ceremony (Yes!)

The Shirtless Tonga Flag Bearer Made a Triumphant Return at the Olympics Opening Ceremony (Yes!)

Never mind that the high in Pyeongchang is 11 degrees: Pita Taufatofua brought the heat.

By Jenny Berg

The 2018 Winter Olympics will showcase daring feats of human strength and athleticism. But really, what can top what Tonga flag bearer Pita Taufatofua already did at the opening ceremony? If this man's ability to bear extreme temperatures shirtless isn't a superhuman feat, we surely don't know what is. 

In case you missed it, the ceremony took place on February 8 at South Korea's Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium. South Korea is not exactly known for its balmy weather, and the conditions on Thursday night were windy and below freezing. But, did Taufatofua show up in mittens, layered sweaters, and a pom-pom hat? Come on, now — you know Taufatofua better than that!

If you tuned into the 2016 Rio Olympics, you know that this dude loves to make a shirtless entrance... and people worldwide love to watch him do it. He wore his signature look again for this round of the games. Stepping into the South Korean stadium and waving his country's flag with gusto, the former taekwondo pro wore a red-and-black grass skirt, heaps of body oil, and ... nothing else! That's how Taufatofua does it, people! Behold:

His shirtless appearance came as a bit of a surprise, since the well-muscled man had told media not to count on a topless turn at this year's event. The athlete will compete as a cross-country skier in the games, and he perviously said: "I want to still be alive for my race. It is going to be freezing outside so I will be keeping nice and warm.” 

Well, it looks like the loving warmth the crowd has for Taufatofua's pecs shall be enough to sustain him.

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