Best Job Ever? Get Paid to Travel Around the World With Instagram-Famous Dogs

Best Job Ever? Get Paid to Travel Around the World With Instagram-Famous Dogs

Must love dogs. Like, for real. 

By Jenny Berg

A new dream job could be yours for the taking, but there's one nonnegotiable qualification: You must love dogs. The Points Guy, which publishes practical travel advice, is hiring a summer intern who will hit the road with three French pooches: Miles, Hootie, and Swisher. (And yes, of course the pups have their own Instagram account, @ThePointsPups.) 

The lucky intern's job tasks would be to travel with the dogs, testing out the pet-friendly amenities at various hotels and aboard airlines and trains. If you land the gig — you lucky dog — you'd also man the pets' social media accounts, then help put together a guide that helps other animal lovers select pet-friendly travel itineraries. 

The job sounds fun and lighthearted — and it is — but there's also a pretty serious need for someone to scope these things out. There have been too many tragic, travel-related incidents for animals in the headlines. So, anyone that can help steer pet-owners in the right direction is doing some serious good, indeed! 

If you get the Points Pups summer internship, you'll earn $20 per hour, with a flexible minimum time commitment. And according to the job description — wait for it — "Some days might be ruff, but trust us, this will be the greatest internship ever. We want you to be the leader of our pack."


Here's the link to apply for the Points Guy Pups internship position. Good luck to all the hopefuls out there — and we trust there are many.

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