Are Babymoons Just a Stupid Idea?

Are Babymoons Just a Stupid Idea?

What's the point?

By Marianne Garvey

Zika worries, alcohol-free drinks, a potentially uncomfortable flight — how does any of this sound like fun? Kim Kardashian (Paris), Kate Middleton (Mustique), Amal Clooney (Europe)... the babymoon isn't dying down any time soon. It’s supposed to be a couple’s last hurrah before a screaming, crying, pooping human comes into their lives forever.

But we can’t help but ask, what’s the point?

If you’re feeling not-so-fantastic, can’t really drink, and can even hardly move, why drag yourself somewhere far away for a tradition that started with celebrities anyway?

Some say it’s a complete waste of time and money, and that your whole life has been spent in a state of selfishness, sleeping late, getting massages, and showering whenever the hell you want. Do you really need to blow money to do that elsewhere?

Well, yes, if you can truly appreciate that this is the last time it’s going to be just you and your partner, it can be very sweet to take time alone before baby comes. Before diapers. Before the screaming. All the screaming. 

You’ll have a great memory.

When you are frustrated and overwhelmed, you can look back at when it was just you and your partner for the last time (with fondness).

Should you just save the money?

Experiences, not things, people. Pick a place you’ve never seen before and explore (if you are up for it). It doesn’t have to be lavish and it doesn’t have to be far away. Just enjoy your last trip without a diaper bag.

Just pick a place you both agree on that is relaxing. According to The Bump, the most popular baby moon destinations in the U.S. for couples are Florida (17 percent), California (16 percent) and Hawaii (7 percent). As for international spots, the Caribbean (7 percent), Europe (5 percent), Mexico/Baja (3 percent) and Canada (2 percent) were all top picks.

But no matter where you go, make sure you check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) travel advisories, especially for Zika. Tell your doctor when and where you’ll be traveling and make sure you know where the local hospital is.

Or just save your resources and don't buy into the hype.

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