Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Flies With an "Emotional Support Casserole"

Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Flies With an "Emotional Support Casserole"

The model and cookbook author brought this pressing issue right to American Airlines. 

By Jenny Berg

Chrissy Teigen may have once endured an eight-hour flight to nowhere (and handled it with aplomb). But, as travel dilemmas go, that whole ordeal didn't rank as high as the possible demise of a platter of scalloped potatoes. Wait, what? Let us explain...

On February 24, the frequent traveler took to Twitter (as she is wont to do) with a very serious question for American Airlines: Actual tears were on the line, here, people! "If I don’t have a carry-on, can I bring a large ceramic casserole dish of scalloped potatoes on the plane? I am not kidding, is this okay? Is it too blunt/heavy an object? I’ll cry if they throw it away," the pregnant star pleaded. She then appealed directly to the airline with a plea: "Please help me." 

After reps for the airline tweeted back that they would be happy to answer Teigen's questions via direct message, she doubled down on her case. "I would like to bring my emotional support casserole on my flight today," she stated. Frankly, we can see how cheesy potatoes could provide emotional support... we find them even more comforting than peacocks

After a bit more back and forth, Chrissy finally got a response from T.S.A. itself. And the answer may help us all for Thanksgiving trips in years to come. Here's the verdict, once and for all: the carb-loaded dish is allowed on board, both in carry-on luggage and checked bags. (Just be sure to place it in the proper vessel.) 

We're sure we can all agree with Teigen's jubilant response:

What a win for potatoes, and those who rely on potatoes for emotional support. And now, let's all watch Teigen take her beloved dish through airport security: 

We love a travel story with a happy ending. 

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