Nicole Kidman Surprised a Busload of Hollywood Tourists on Oscar Night, and It's the Best (VIDEO)

Nicole Kidman Surprised a Busload of Hollywood Tourists on Oscar Night, and It's the Best (VIDEO)

The Big Little Lies star and Oscar winner gave unsuspecting fans a delightful surprise.  

By Jenny Berg

In terms of only-in-L.A. moments, bumping into an Oscar winner on the street rates pretty high. And now, a group of Hollywood tourists can all boast about having had the ultimate La La Land experience — with Nicole Kidman, thank you very much... and on Academy Awards day to boot! Here's what went down:

On March 4 — also known as Oscar Sunday — the Big Little Lies actress was in her car, preparing to get all glammed up for the big event. And, thank goodness she had her phone in tow to record what happened during the ride.

While stopped in traffic, the actress found herself next to a packed Access Hollywood tour bus. Instead of pulling a "Mr. Big" and hiding out behind tinted windows, the star decided to greet her neighbors. Rolling down the window of her ride, the Aussie beauty said: "Hi, everyone. What are you doing on that bus?" 

A few confused passengers waved back at first, and then realization spread: These lucky sightseers had just come face to face with an actual Hollywood icon. "Oh my goodness," said one starstruck passenger. "This is like a dream come true," said another. (We can definitely see that.)

Kidman then blew kisses before continuing on in her ride, leaving a slew of delighted tourists in her wake. Take a look at footage from the sweet moment, below: 

Talk about movie magic! Not to mention a very well-spent bus ticket.

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