The Pilots Who Drew a Giant Penis in the Sky Have Learned Their Fate

The Pilots Who Drew a Giant Penis in the Sky Have Learned Their Fate

It was the ultimate d*** pic, but not everyone's laughing.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Sooo… ICYMI, last month, two U.S. Navy pilots used their mad skills and airplane exhaust to draw a giant penis in the sky over Okangan, Washington.

As a result of their hilarious... ahem, we mean juvenile stunt, the two were just handed down high-fives... ahem, we mean administrative punishment. “They realized that this was an embarrassment to Naval Aviation and the entire Navy,” Navy spokesman Cmdr. Ron Flanders told the San Diego Union-Tribune. “This sort of conduct is contrary to the core values of the Navy.”

The phallic artists did not lose their jobs, but they’re on a six-month probation. (Honestly, the dong contrails are pretty impressive. We’re surprised these guys didn’t get promoted!) Even though the prank was pulled during a routine training exercise, Naval officials still took the incident very seriously and grounded the aircrew for investigation.

Luckily, the FAA declared that the world’s ultimate dick pic didn’t pose any threat of harm and the matter was closed without incident.

Our only question is… did they think they wouldn’t get caught? Or did they not realize they had just drawn a giant penis in the sky right over their bosses’ heads?!

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