Uh, a Major Hotel Chain Wants to Record What You Do in the Shower

Uh, a Major Hotel Chain Wants to Record What You Do in the Shower

Do tell.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Scientists and 30 Rock fans are already familiar with “The Shower Principle." That's a term for moments of inspiration that strike when the brain is otherwise occupied — for example, when showering. (Or practicing your putting in your office if you’re Jack Donaghy.)

Now Marriott has decided to capitalize on this concept in the most tech-ridiculous way possible: By installing hotel shower doors that can record your doodles in the steam, and then send you a digital record of them. Obviously!

After conducting an international survey of business travelers, Marriott discovered that more than 50 percent claimed their best ideas occurred to them while showering, so the hotel chain decided to help their clientele better capture those moments of genius. Guests simply shower as normal, and then as steam (and creativity) builds, they’re encouraged to write or draw their thoughts into the foggy glass. The touch-sensitive door then records the doodle and transfers it to a tablet, where guests can send it to themselves, their coworkers, or their social network.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to use technology to enhance our guest experience,” said Matthew Carroll, vice president and global brand manager for Marriott Hotels. “This shower door technology pushes the limit of our thinking in an imaginative and fun way,” (We wonder if Carroll came up with this very idea while in the shower? That would be so meta.)

For now, these “Splash of Innovation” showers will only be available at Marriott Hotels in Irvine California (an epicenter of techy travelers), where the chain will gather feedback to decide on additional rollout. But in the meantime, please enjoy the proof-of-concept video here:

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